Brick, Solid wood and Concrete are digitally printed out, providing you the possibility to add your own private touch. Shades can be customised, and designs can be paper onto different grounds with stunning results. All designs are available as wallcoverings or home window graphics. Measure the width of the drive so that it corresponds with the pla… Read More

All regular septic systems have a septic tank, which is usually a big buried rectangular or cylindrical container made of cement, fiberglass or polyethylene. Wastewater from all plumbing accessories drains into the septic tank. Heavy solids settle to underneath where bacterial action produces digested sludge and gases. Lighter solids that float suc… Read More

Premier Plastics Inc. has 25 years' experience with executive design and installation of below ground septic tank solutions. The main element design aspect of poly septic tanks for below floor use is the level of resistance to compression buckling or pressure from the exterior in. That is other to above floor tanks where the pressure is from the wi… Read More

All our precast septic tanks were created by Professional Civil & Structural Engineers predicated on the expected loading conditions. Because concrete septic tanks are heavy, there is absolutely no potential for floating, unlike vinyl septic tanks. Having offered the engineering industry for over thirty years we've an abundance of experience which … Read More

A good example of low-quality precast concrete with open dowels, connectors and occurrence of cracks and malformations even during its set up. Another reason such claims are made may be because if a tank cracks, it may be possible that leaks will occur at that location. As such, it is critically important that the reservoir is properly made for the… Read More